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Hearing Health Blog

If you have never attended a hearing aid fitting before, it’s likely that you’re curious about the whole process. To help ensure you feel confident attending your appointment, here are three things to expect during the fitting process. A thorough introduction to the device itself Your hearing care provider will ensure that you are fully confident about how to use

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Your choice of hearing aids can be a little confusing. There are various styles available and, apart from the appearance, you might be wondering what the differences are. One of the styles you will come across is in-the-canal or ITC hearing aids. These hearing aids sit just inside the ear canal, so that they are slightly more discreet than some

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When it comes to hearing loss related to age or noise, as well as the devices we use to help treat that hearing loss, there are no professionals more suited to help than a hearing instrument specialist . However, if you’ve never been to see one before, you might not know what they can provide or when you might need

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