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Top Signs You Need to See a Hearing Professional

a hearing specialist performing a hearing aid fitting for his elderly patient

There is nothing worse than noticing your hearing start to go. You expect a level of change in your body as you get older, but your hearing isn't often on the same radar as your eyesight. You'll notice your sight declining faster than you’ll notice your hearing going, and if you start to notice things changing with your hearing, you need to speak to a hearing health professional to get that diagnosed. 

Hearing aids can be the help that you need to amplify the world around you, but the only way that you are going to know that they are the right thing is if you’re speaking to a hearing health professional. They will be able to walk you through what you need to support your hearing loss and they will talk you through how to handle it, too. 

Top Signs of Hearing Loss

If you start to notice that things are changing with your hearing, an appointment with a hearing health professional wouldn't go amiss. Below, we’ve got some of the top signs that you need to see one:

  • People around you seem to be mumbling, or they’re speaking very softly. They’re not, but this is what you can hear and so you end up either getting frustrated or you keep asking people to speak up!
  • It gets very tedious to always ask people to repeat the things that they’re saying, especially when you’re in a group of people. If you have noticed that you can’t hear very well when you are in a group, you eventually stop going into groups of people to talk to them. It’s something that can become very isolating.
  • You’re turning the TV up over and over, and before you know it; you’re listening to the TV and radio at full volume. When this is still a problem, you need to see a hearing health professional to find out why you cannot hear as well as you used to.
  • You’re beginning to dread when the phone rings because you can’t make out the phrases people are saying over the phone. There are only so many ways you can push your phone into your ear to hear better, so an appointment with a hearing health professional may be helpful. 

What Your Hearing Health Professional Can Do to Help

When you speak to a hearing health professional, they will be able to test your hearing and find out the degree of hearing loss you’re dealing with. They’ll tell you whether you need one or two hearing aids and they’ll ensure that you know how to use them and clean them out. Seeing a hearing health professional is the best thing that you can do for your hearing health, so don't be afraid to ask for help.