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What are the Most Common Symptoms of Hearing Loss?

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Just like any medical problem, hearing loss comes with signs and symptoms that are worth looking out for. It’s worth knowing these so that you can help yourself or your loved ones when it comes to hearing loss of any kind. Here are some of the most common symptoms of hearing loss:

Muffled speech

It’s sometimes difficult to pick up conversations in loud environments but for those who have hearing loss to some degree, it can often be muffled or hard to hear. When we can’t hear what someone is saying, we usually gravitate our eyesight down to the lips to lip-read. However, that can only achieve so much, especially if there are distractions or if the person is facing away from you.

Asking to repeat sentences

There’s nothing more awkward than asking someone to repeat what they’ve just said. Whether it’s not hearing them properly or struggling to hear what they said due to hearing loss, it can often feel like you’ve not been paying attention. However, it’s something that is typical of those with hearing loss to do when it comes to listening to others speaking.

Asking to repeat sentences might be done on occasion for most but if you’re doing it on a daily basis, then you might find others pick up on it.

Turning up volume on TV or radio

We all like to turn up the volume on the radio or television every now and then but it’s often not something you keep up for very long. Turning up the volume regularly though could be a sign that your hearing isn’t what it used to be like and that you may have lost your hearing to some degree. 

It’s important to recognize this as a symptom of hearing loss because when it comes to increasing the loudness, it’s likely to do even more damage.

Withdrawal from conversations or social environments

For those who have hearing loss but have not yet done anything about it, they might find themselves withdrawing from social situations. This is one that is particularly worth recognizing when it comes to others around you who might have a hearing loss of some kind. If you see someone taking a step back or perhaps not engaging in the conversation as much, then it’s worth bringing it up with them if possible.

The most common symptoms of hearing loss are often the most obvious but many people go about their normal lives without doing anything about it. There are lots of options out there to help with hearing loss and so it’s good to approach a hearing healthcare professional if you’re experiencing any difficulties with your hearing or you’ve noticed a change. It’s better than doing nothing at all.