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What Happens at Your Hearing Test Appointment?

Top FAQs About Hearing Tests

Have you booked an appointment to have a hearing test for the first time? Maybe you are thinking about doing so? If you have noticed any of the signs or indicators of hearing loss, you should definitely book a hearing test as soon as possible to get to the bottom of what has happened. Moreover, it is advisable that all Americans between the age of 18 and 40-years-old have a hearing test between every three and five years. Older age groups need to have hearing tests on a more regular basis, as there is a correlation between age and loss of hearing.

What to Expect at Your Hearing Test

If you have never had a hearing test before, you may be wondering what to expect from this and what sort of things may happen on the day. Of course, this can differ from clinic to clinic, but we will give you a general overview of what tends to happen when you have a hearing test so that you can get a good understanding. The first thing that will happen is that the hearing health professional is going to introduce themselves to you. They will tell you about the test and what to expect. You can ask any questions that you may have at this point as well. 

Once that this is out of the way, your hearing health professional is going to want to find out more about your hearing history. For example, they may ask you whether you have noticed a sudden onset of symptoms associated with hearing loss or whether it has come about gradually. Do not worry if you are unable to answer any of the questions. Just answer as well as you can. The process of asking these questions is simply so the hearing health professional is able to build up a good picture regarding your hearing health. 

The Test

Once all of this is out of the way, it is time for the actual test part. This will typically take somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. Throughout the test, you will need to wear headphones and there will be a number of different sounds played in your ears. In most cases, you will need to press a button whenever you hear a sound, irrespective of whether it is quiet or very faint. This will help the hearing health professional to determine if you have any hearing problems, and if so, the extent of them. 

We hope that this has helped you to get a better understanding of what to expect ahead of your hearing test with a hearing health professional. Should you have any questions about the test itself or the hearing loss you are experiencing, do not be afraid to ask your hearing health professional a question. After all, that is what they are there for, and there can be a lot that you want to know while you are waiting for your hearing aids to be fitted.