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About Our Hearing Centers

Donald R. Kleindl, Sr., FounderDonald R. Kleindl, Sr., Founder

The Kleindl family have been helping improve quality of life for the hearing impaired for over 70 years. Their passion for hearing began in 1952 with Donald R. Kleindl, Sr, BC-HIS at the time when batteries were first developed to fit inside hearing devices. Today Kleindl Sr.'s mission has been passed on to his son and grandson, Donald R. Kleindl II, HAS, BC-HIS, ACA, MCAP and Donald R. Kleindl III, HAS, BC-HIS, ACA and continues to expand to include other Kleindl family members and friends who share the same life-long commitment to hearing.

The friendly, family oriented staff at Life Hearing Health Centers have a reputation for providing high quality service and using the most innovative listening devices available on the market. We provide excellent hearing care to our patients by evaluating your hearing with diagnostic testing and advanced assessment techniques. Offering the best hearing solutions in the industry, Life Hearing Health Centers assesses your hearing loss, individual lifestyle, and unique hearing requirements before suggesting the best solution for your hearing needs.

In order to better serve you, our hearing professionals are board certified audioprosthologists and/or specialists licensed by the Illinois, Wisconsin, and Florida department of public health. Our staff continually updates their training, participating in continuing education courses and seminars. Additionally, we conduct product research and study the latest and greatest in digital hearing devices. Our clinics are equipped with the most advanced computerized equipment for evaluating your hearing, diagnosing your problem, and fitting your hearing aids to your individual hearing loss.

Your hearing level, type of hearing loss, lifestyle, personal considerations, and budget are all significant factors in determining what type of hearing assistance is right for you. At Life Hearing Health Centers, we will test your hearing at no cost and explain your results in terminology you can understand. Depending upon your needs, we provide personalized recommendations for treatment and improved listening for your unique hearing situation. We offer a special sixty day trial period to ensure our patients are always satisfied with their improved hearing and the quality of our services.

A hearing consultation is especially important if you find you have difficulty hearing during conversations, suspect you have a hearing problem, have trouble hearing the television or telephone, or it has been more than twelve months since your last hearing examination. If any of these factors apply to you, contact your nearest Life Hearing Health Centers to schedule a free, no-obligation hearing examination today!