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Common Questions to Ask About Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Care

When your hearing starts to deteriorate, your hearing care provider can help you by recommending you a pair of hearing aids and programming them to your specific needs. However, sooner or later, your hearing aids are going to suffer from issues and they’ll need to be repaired much like any other electronic device. As a result, it’s a good idea to look into how you can repair your hearing aids and give yourself a good understanding of the entire process. To fully understand how to take care of your hearing aids, consider asking your provider the following questions.

How long will my hearing aid repairs take?

One of the biggest concerns is the length of time it’s going to take in order to repair your hearing aids. Once you’re used to them, they become essential to your daily life, which is why it’s incredibly important to get them fixed as soon as possible. Your hearing health professional will estimate roughly how long the repairs will take, but you might be able to get a spare pair of hearing aids that you can use when your main pair is in for repairs.

How much will the repairs cost?

Repairing your hearing aids will have some costs unless you are covered by some form of insurance, plan or warranty. If you’re worried about the repairs, then make sure you contact your hearing care provider and ask them for an estimate in order to save up. This will also lead to more information about the repair, such as where it will be done, what is required and the entire cost breakdown.

How do I prevent damage to my hearing aids?

Of course, the best way to avoid hearing aid repairs in the first place is to actively try and reduce the amount of stress you put on them. Hearing aids, while electronic, are quite sturdy and generally don’t break unless there is a manufacturing defect or if it’s being mistreated. The first thing you’ll want to do is regularly clean your hearing aids so that they don’t suffer from moisture damage and get clogged with dirt and grime. Simply take some cleaning wipes to your hearing aids and be gentle so you don’t damage any of the parts. If you need more tips to help you keep your hearing aids working, then your hearing health professional should have a leaflet or a couple of tips to help you keep them in excellent condition.