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Preparing for Your Hearing Aid Fitting

senior being fitted with ite hearing aids

Recent data by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) suggests that 15% of American adults experience some hearing trouble. While this can be frustrating and overwhelming, it is vital to accept it and take steps to see the hearing health professional for some relief with your hearing troubles. Seeing your hearing health professional may end with getting a hearing aid fitting. If you want to prepare for your appointment, check out this article with some of our personal tips.

Make an Appointment with Your Hearing Health Professional

Hearing aid fitting can take between an hour or two, depending on the required adjustments. It is important to schedule your meeting for a day where you can have plenty of time to talk with your hearing health professional. Ask questions and let them know if your current hearing aid feels uncomfortable. You can also learn how best to maintain them so they won’t break.

There are several hearing aid types, so your hearing health professional may run you through several options for tailored recommendations. After choosing your hearing aid type, your hearing health professional will take measurements for your personalized earmold.

Research and Ask Questions

Most people get to know about hearing aids when they experience some hearing challenges. Therefore, it is useful to research and know about all the suitable hearing aids available and the mechanisms that can help you enhance your hearing. Knowing how hearing aids work can help you make the right decisions improve your life.

Although talking to your hearing health professional can get you the necessary information, many resources are available online to learn more about the practices. Likewise, researching can help you list several questions before meeting your hearing health professional. For example, you can know when to go for a follow-up appointment, change your batteries.

Know What Happens During a Fitting

If this is your first hearing aid fitting, it is good to prepare yourself ahead of time for the appointment. It is easy to assume that you only need to get the hearing aid in, and you’re done. However, there is more to it to ensure you get the most out of your devices.

The purpose of a hearing aid fitting is to make sure your hearing aids feel comfortable and properly adjusted for your comfort. Your hearing specialist will take some time to guide you through the process to make sure you’re ready to proceed.

Bring Along Family or Friends

It can be essential to have someone with you since restoring your hearing can be an emotional experience. It is essential even if you think you won’t get emotional since you need somebody to help you remember the key details. Hearing aid fitting can be a thrilling experience, so you have to be well-prepared to make the most of it.

The article should prepare you if you have a hearing aid fitting coming up. Talk to your hearing health professional and don’t hesitate to clarify any concerns you may have. However, researching can help with more insight into the procedure.