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Hearing Care Services

There are a variety of services provided by the center that covers allergies, hearing and even voice problems. Life Hearing & Tinnitus Health Centers employs knowledgeable professionals and offers a wide range of services to ensure we easily meet our patients’ needs.

Audiometric Evaluations

An audiometry evaluation measures the patient’s ability to hear different frequencies, sounds and pitches. It is a completely noninvasive and painless procedure that gives detailed results. 

Battery Club

The best way to get discounts on hearing aid batteries is by joining the battery club. Members get exclusive specials that save money on hearing aid necessities. 

Battery Sales

In-office purchases are available to replace depleted or damaged batteries. This includes the following sizes:

  • Size 10 (yellow)
  • Size 312 (brown)
  • Size 13 (orange)
  • Size 675 (blue)

Cerumen Removal

Blockages in the ear canal caused by wax have to be removed to restore hearing. The process is simple and will relieve the sufferer from all symptoms caused by the buildup.

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Hearing Aid Counseling

The severity of hearing loss is a surprise to many patients, even after they receive a treatment plan. Hearing Aid Counseling is an important step of the rehabilitation process that aims to inform the patient of goals.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

Assistive listening devices are found everywhere, from homes to social gatherings like movie theaters. With the help of compatible devices, they boost sound in situations where it would be inaudible to hearing loss sufferers. 

Hearing Aid Adjustments

The longer a hearing aid is used, the more likely the efficiency of the components will degrade. Hearing aid adjustments are necessary before and after receiving the device.

Follow-up Care

Questions, adjustments and treatment updates are available with follow-up care. This is considered an important part of maintenance for a hearing aid. 

Getting Hearing Aids

A patient’s medical history is vital in determining the evaluations and tests needed. With the help of a professional, a treatment plan is set up based on the user’s personal expectations and current hearing health.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting

After the initial evaluation, hearing professionals program the hearing aids. During the fitting, a specialist will have important details about using and maintaining hearing aids. 

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

Each patient will have their own individual steps that lead to a hearing aid evaluation and selection. Case history is a big part of it, but there are also strong considerations towards questions related to everyday hearing activity.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

By keeping up with regular maintenance, hearing aids won’t get clogged. However, minor repairs can be taken care of at the office while severe repairs are sent off to the manufacturer. 

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Hearing Tests

Hearing tests vary based on the information provided by the patient. Once a plan of action is created, the time needed to go through these tests will be readily available.

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In Office Services

Cleaning, repairs, consultation and more are available as in-office services. This is encouraged even when it is outside of normal checkup dates.

Speech and Auditory Processing

Speak intelligibility is determined by the results of speech and auditory processing evaluations. The results will detail the percentage of hearing loss and which hearing aids would be helpful. 

Test & Audiometry

An audiogram is a patient’s personal hearing profile. It’s built based on information gathered during tests and then used to adjust hearing aids. 

Tinnitus Evaluation and Management

Tinnitus is a buzzing, ringing hissing or other sound in the ear that is audible only to the person with the disorder. There are several ways to treat tinnitus, but the most important step is discovering the severity.

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A tympanogram is a visual hearing test that looks at the air pressure in an ear canal to see how it affects the tympanic membrane. It is an all-around important test that can be performed on children or adults.