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Patient Testimonials

A year and 4 months ago, on my first visit with Richard and Michele at Life Hearing Health Centers, I walked into the office at 2 and left at 4 with a completely changed life. I had no idea or didn't admit to myself how impaired my hearing had become, but the improvement was astonishing to me. It still is. A complete ear/hearing exam was done, and an extensive series of question and answers were exchanged. I chose a Phonak hearing aid which immediately, exponentially improved my hearing. The results were stunningly wonderful. This is a highly professional office with people of great concern and character and whose commitment and promises for the future are completely reliable. Their expertise and information is extraordinary. If you want the best result for any hearing issue you have, at least make an appointment with them before you choose any other company. This is one of the best anywhere. This is really a special place.

- Ed McClure

Took my mother-in-law to Life Hearing. Staff is friendly, caring and knowledgeable. Thank you for taking such good care of her!Exceptional care this family knows the hearing healthcare industry inside and out due to the fact that they’ve been doing it for over 65 yearsMy father, who lived in Ft Walton Beach, FL was having trouble with his hearing aids that his doctor there didn't seem able to resolve. In March of 2015, I brought my father to Naples to live near me and I decided to take him to Life Hearing Center. Probably one of the best decisions I ever made. Richard Radostits (audiologist in Naples office) got his existing hearing aids to work better and monitored them for free every 3 months and refused to take any payment. It's nice that they have multiple offices as my father moved to an assisted living facility in North Naples and we were able to transition his care to Shauna Kleindl (North Naples audiologist). Shauna also saw my father in the Naples office so he was familiar with her. My father ended up losing his hearing aids in 2016 and they were able to get him fitted for new hearing aids very quickly which was extremely important as he was totally deaf without them. My father then lost one of his new hearing aids and they were able to get it replaced within a week. After he lost them a couple more times Shauna attached a string to them and he hasn't lost them since. My father's health has deteriorated over the last year and Shauna has even made several house calls to rehab centers and his assisted living facility to monitor the performance of his hearing aids. Debbie, the receptionist at the North Naples office, has been great handling all the emergencies (lost and broken hearing aid replacements), getting my father on the schedule and making sure we were reimbursed by our insurance company. I have recommended them to my friends and everyone has always been pleased. I don't often write reviews but I can't believe how great Shauna has been working with my dad and wanted to let others know.

- Liz I.Don K.Keith M., submitted on YellowPages

M. Wineland.png

I would encourage anyone to seek out Life Hearing for help. Miss Debbie at the desk is so help ful and kind and you cannot help but be impressed and fall in love with Shauna. They have been taking care of hearing problems for long time and have a fine reputation.You can't go wrong.

- Jacqueline

Three years ago I needed a cleaning for my hearing aids. I decided to make a modest capital investment to give me lifetime access for twice a year a year cleanings and adjustments.Yesterday Don gave me a free hearing test plus he cleaned and adjusted both hearing aids. Both Don and Shauna are extremely friendly and helpful. This is absolutely the best place in all of Naples to get help with your hearing aids.

~ Russ B.

I would like to thank Life Hearing Health Centers for helping me in my time of need as my hearing aid was not working. Being a visitor of Fort Myers I had no idea where to go.

So I searched on the Internet and found this center. I walked in and ask the lady at the front desk (Michelle), if I could be seen. She asked me with a big smile on her face if I could wait a moment and she would check with the specialists (Richard). The specialists agreed to see me and I was really relieved.

Mr. Richard Radostits called me in and introduced himself and I the same. I explained my problem. He examined my hearing aid and in a very kind and professional manner explained what the trouble was and fixed it.

I am so happy to have found Mr. Richard Radostits and highly recommend him at Life Hearing Health Centers. Thank Richard, you are a very special person.

Highly Regards, Michele M.

I enthusiastically add my 5 stars to all of the others. Audiologist Shauna is a great professional with an engaging personality and Debbie is a most helpful and delightful receptionist. Their motto "Best Value, Best Service and Best Results, Guaranteed" says it all.

~ R. Breneman

I discovered the NORTH Naples center of Life Hearing Health on Health Park Blvd. in May, 2017. I was very impressed with their manner of respecting and listening to my needs, obtaining my special electronic adjustment process, comfortable testing before and follow-up...all done quickly. Now happily surprised to hear the birds sing and people talk.

~ P. Dorr

Dear Mr. Kleindl II, I cannot thank you enough for my hearing aids, certainly make a difference. It's wonderful that you've taken this immense project upon your shoulders. God Bless You,

~ M. Jefferis

To the Kleindl family and staff, A little over a year ago, your company donated custom radio earpieces to various members of the sheriff's office to include myself. After using this earpiece for a little over a year, I have to say it is one of the best pieces of equipment I have ever received. It is comfortable, functional, durable and far exceeds any earpiece I have ever worn. I can legitimately wear it for 12 hours straight with no discomfort. I would like to thank you for donating your time and the products. They are truly appreciated! Sincerely,

~ M. Jefferis

Dear Shauna, Don and that wonderful staff: Thank you so much for all the attention and wonderful gift you showered ON ME!!! How can I express how deeply grateful I am!! I also, can't believe how the new devices have improved my hearing.....Ethel is delighted, she now lowers her voice and I hear every Demand! You have make us very happy. I never dreamed in my 100 years I would be the recipient of such a fabulous life enhancing gift. Many thanks to you and your wonderful associates. Most Sincerely,

~ F. Myers

Dear Mr. Radostits, On behalf of my mother T. Franklin, my sister, D. Dennis, and our entire family, I want to commend and thank you. Michelle Pelley, all the staff of the Life Hearing Health Centers and the Kleindl Family for the gift of free hearing aids to mom. This generous gift has improved mom's quality of life immensely. She is an active centenarian at age 102. She is now able to participate more fully in activities around her. The cost of hearing aids was prohibitive to her and this gift was a blessing. Your kindness, professionalism and generosity was overwhelming to us. The people of Southwest Florida are lucky to have such a philanthropic business. If ever you need a testimonial, please do not hesitate to call. Sincerely,

~ M. Franklin

This was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend them. I'm very satisfied with the improvement of my hearing. The professionals at Life Hearing truly are interested in making sure their patients have the best experience and choices to improve the quality of their hearing. I'm so glad I went there--and so is my family! I've recommended them to many friends and all are very satisfied.

~ D. Johnson

If you are tired of missing out on life's simple pleasures such as everyday conversations or television, and think hearing aids might help, YET, want to have a positive experience, then call Donald Kleindl at Life Hearing Health Centers. That's just what my husband did, and he couldn't be happier! Family run business with professional, highly educated staff, state of the art hearing appliances, with amazing lifetime service and low prices!

~ M. Gardner

After my mother began to experience hearing loss, we "shopped" several Audiology Clinics. We decided on Life Hearing Health Centers and couldn't be more pleased and satisfied. The team at LHHC are professional, thorough, and patient. It was easy to scheduled with them and the Clinician who fit my mother with hearing aids went out of her way to carefully explain things. LHHC didn't try to "sell" my mother a hearing aid, instead they took the time to thoroughly diagnosis her hearing loss and explain her available options. Ultimately, we decided it was time to purchase hearing aids and found their pricing to be extremely reasonable; they are very competitively priced. They offer complementary follow up service and are continuously available to ensure a comfortable a proper fitting hearing aid. The help and guidance my mother received from Life hearing health Centers made the process of managing her hearing loss much easier and an overall pleasant experience.

~ W. Leve

I just wanted to say a special thanks for the service on my hearing aids that you did on February 28, 2017. The maintenance you performed has just about tripled (increased) the battery performance. I have only had to change the filter after 5 days. I use to have to change them every other day. What ever you did was superior to past maintainers. Please feel free to pass this note along.
Thank You and Regards,

- T. Roberts - Fort Myers, FL

Dale Degener

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I have had the opportunity to fly with the custom earpieces several times now and they are the most comfortable things ever… Thank you! A pleasure to fly with for sure.

- E. Henderson (C.C. Aviation Bureau)

I wanted to thank you for the time and money you put into providing the custom ear pieces for our team at FWC. My ear piece fits exceptionally well and is far superior to the many I have personally tried or been provided with by my agency. Again thank you to you and your team!!!

- M. Shea (Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission)

Thank you for the excellent, professional and informative help in restoring my hearing.

-Gratefully, Delores S. Naples, FL

Service is everything and you know all about it.

-Thanks, Don Y. Naples, FL

The most pleasant experience I have ever had with any health care professional! Donald is so professional, kind, sensitive and knowledgeable. Highly recommend! Couldn’t be happier!

-Bonnie I. Naples, FL

I cannot thank you enough for the excellent care and treatment you have extended to me. You have provided me with the best equipment for my hearing impairment, and, in a cost effective way. I have encountered many hearing specialists in the area, and no one has been as honest and helpful as you. And that is why I call you "Saint" Richard. Many, many thanks.

~ Nicholas P

Life Hearing Health Centers has helped me overcome my struggle when it came to my hearing health. Not only did they provide a solution, but they truly care about me and the problems I was going through. I couldn't ask for a better team of professionals to help me in my time of need.

~ Tom M., Naples FL

The closet to having my normal hearing back. No background noise when using the new hearing aid. Happy I decided to try them!

~ Patricia H., Naples FL & Michigan

It was amazing to hear all the little things I didn't even know I was missing.

~ Diane W., Naples FL

We followed this doctor [Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist/Audioprosthologist] all the way from Illinois and have entrusted our hearing health [to him] for many years. Never been disappointed. Always great care and concern.

~ Harry D., Poplar Grove, IL

I have been extremely pleased and satisfied with Life Hearing Health Centers and the entire staff. They are truly professional, caring and friendly.

I intend to recommend them to everyone who may need hearing assistance.

They literally 'saved my life.' I did not realize how bad my hearing was and how much I was missing!”

~ Patricia M., Naples, FL